November 4 2015

Transition to Independence Month (t2i)

Transition to Independence month is upon us! T2I provides information to people leaving care, with a focus on helping young people make the journey from the child protection system to independence and achieve positive life outcomes.

This year’s theme is, “All aboard for the next step… navigating post care.”

You can find more information about T2I here: After care is critical to helping young people find their feet and take their next step. Next Step After Care is Queensland’s first after care service of its kind. It was designed by young people for young people. To get an idea of how Next Step After Care might help you, click on any of these links:

If you would like to get in touch with Next Step After Care, you can call or text our statewide phone number: 1800 NEXT STEP.

Next Step After Care asked our Facebook community, “What advice would you give to a young person who is about to leave care?”

There was an overwhelming flood of advice from people of every facet of the out-of-home care community, including: young people, youth workers, and foster carers.

Here are Next Step After Care’s favourite pieces of advice:

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t2i quote 3

T2i quote 2

t2i quote 8

t2i quote 5

T2i quote 7

t2i quote 9

T2I quote

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