September 21 2015


Murphy’s Law is an adage or epigram that is typically stated as: “Anything that can go wrong, will go wrong.”

Jasmine experienced this axiom first hand. She had previously bought a very cheap car (as a first car should be!) for work purposes. Unfortunately, her new four-wheeled symbol of independence and mobility broke down: barely 48 hours into Jasmine being its owner.

When Jasmine was referred to Next Step After Care by Anglicare in Gympie, she was wanting help with payment to purchase a new, reliable car.

Anglicare had already put a request into YHARS (Youth Housing & Reintegration Services) as each young person who is transitioning from care are able to access $3,500 per year; Jasmine had already accessed some of her money, but she still had $1,284 left. YHARS came back to say they would approve the request that the remainder could go towards a reliable car.

Next Step also put an application into TILA (Transition to Independent Living Allowance); TILA is a one-off payment of $1,500 that young people can access when transitioning from care. TILA approved the request.

Anglicare supported Jasmine immensely. They took her to all the local car yards in Gympie to get estimated prices and to find a car she liked. Jasmine went to Queensland Hyundai Parts and fell in love with a red, manual Hyundai Getz. The price for the car was $5,000. Jasmine let the salesman know that she only had $4,000; a combination of YHARS, TILA, and Next Step After Care funding.

The gentleman that Anglicare and Jasmine spoke to was named Chuck. He said he would see what the best price he could do it for would be; Chuck gave Jasmine the exciting news that he would sell it for $4,000.

Jasmine was very excited, but was also concerned she would lose the car, as she didn’t have the money to give him straight away. Chuck said he would do a gentleman’s hand shake with her and hold the car for Jasmine until payment could be organised. Chuck kept his promise, and Jasmine was able to drive herself home in her new beautiful, red, Hyundai.

So, with the help of YHARS, TILA and Next Step After Care, who all contributed to the costs, Jasmine was able to get a really good car. Life Without Barriers finance organised the payment, and Jasmine was able to drive the car away the following day. Jasmine is grateful to everyone, and Anglicare, who helped her find and buy her new car.

After the initial setback with her first car breaking down, Jasmine realised sometimes bad things have to happen before good things can.

Not only is Jasmine zipping around in her fabulous car, but she has gained full-time employment on a Show Jumping Stud Farm in Brisbane. Jasmine is growing and taking care of all the horses. Jasmine loves horses, and she now has a reliable vehicle to take her to and from her dream job.

Congratulations, Jasmine Kerr. Drive safe!

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