August 10 2015


SONIA GIn six short months, Sonia has a place to call her own. Sonia had been in contact with Next Step After Care since their inauguration. In the months that followed, Next Step After Care has helped Sonia move mountains.

Not literal mountains – but, Next Step After Care has helped Sonia move all of her furniture and belongings from a shelter to her aunts, and from there to her new home. For a long while, Sonia moved as many times as once a month, shuttling between shelters and shared accommodation, trying to find a home to make her own. Keeping her belongings safe was important to Sonia: “I’ve moved so many times. I moved seven times since March. They made sure my stuff was safe for me at a family member’s.”

Next Step After Care understood the expenses and stress of moving. For someone moving as often as Sonia, it was a huge relief. “They were super quick,” she says, “I got a call from them on Tuesday saying they’d booked removalists between 10:30am and 11:00am for Friday. They moved me to my aunties. Then, Next Step did it for me again when I moved into my new house!”

Sonia now has a cosy base-of-operations. Her house is absolutely becoming her home.

When Sonia first contacted Next Step After Care, she was hoping for help moving. Now, she is being given the ability to move on her own. Next Step After Care has paid for Sonia’s driving lessons. With ninety hours under her belt, Sonia is eligible to take the provisional permit driving test. “They’re paying for my P’s test in a couple of weeks. When I get my license, it’s going mean the world to me,” says Sonia.

Sonia was impressed with all the different ways Next Step After Care wanted to help her. “They helped with big things and small things – one time they even bought me groceries.”

Sonia said she liked her Next Step After Care worker a lot. “They tell me about how they help other people, so I know how they can help me.”

If you’re unsure of how Next Step After Care can help you, just pick up the phone and either text or call their free number: 1800 NEXT STEP. No problem is too big or too small.

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