June 23 2015


jake facebook picYou might be wondering, “What can Next Step After Care do for me? Is my problem too small? Is my problem too big?”

Jake Shields wondered the same thing.

Jake is a young adult who needed some furniture and appliances for his house to help organise his life and work; but, he didn’t have the savings available. Jake called Next Step After Care (1800 NEXT STEP) and was connected to Brett, one of Next Step’s co-ordinators. Jake explained what he needed: basic things to make his life easier. “Brent was really helpful”, says Jake, “He got it done quickly. Approval was done really fast – in days, not weeks.”

Jake needed a desk, a printer, and a mattress. Brent worked out a budget for Jake. He also gave Jake a few different options: you can look and pick yourself, or (if you’re too busy) Next Step can.

“Brent gave me the option of picking it myself – which is better than having someone pick it for you. As much as you’re getting helped out, it might not be the help you want,” Jake explains.

Next Step respects the independence of young people, and their personal style. But, they also give extra help where it’s needed.

One thing that Jake noticed was that communication between Next Step and him was really great. When there was a delivery delay with the printer, Brent contacted Jake first. “He kept me posted, that’s for sure!” said Jake.

Jake’s new desk has made a big difference to help him use his laptop. He likes that he has a proper space to use it- not in bed, or sitting on the couch. It’s been easier for Jake to print with his own printer. He doesn’t have to waste money or time by going to a printing shop. “I’m using it to print payslips,” Jake said, “It also helps me organise bills for the house and to get my work roster.”

But, the best bit was Jake getting his own mattress for the first time. “Right before I got the new mattress, I went out shopping and got new linen. Went in with the money I had saved and blew my budget! But, now I have world’s softest sheets for my new bed – it’s awesome.”

If you need some help, call or text 1800 NEXT STEP anytime, for anything.

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