June 16 2015

Join the crowd: Next Step hits 100

Queensland’s freshest out-of-care service has just reached a major milestone in its career. Let’s congratulate the success of Next Step After Care, who have just assisted their 100th young person to access much needed supports and services.

This great result is a reflection of the work by the teams from Uniting Care Community, CREATE Foundation, and Life Without Barriers. These organisations have done an amazing job in ensuring that young people who make contact with the service receive a timely and proactive response to their needs. Young people can call or text 24/7 to seek assistance from Next Step After Care during their transition into independent living.

Next Step After Care Co-ordinators have done great work with young people, getting them the practical assistance they need and empowering them to take the Next Step…

  • Financial Support: A young

    mother required items for her toddler. Next Step After Care guided her through the process of finding suitable products at affordable prices, and arranged to get the items to her quickly. She was delighted and proud of what she had been able to achieve

    by making the call.

  • Higher Education Assistance: A young person was disengaged from education for one year. Next Step After Care provided them with the support and advocacy work to reconnect with their education. They have now returned to school and are on their way to getting their driver’s licence. Most importantly this young person is now feeling positive about the future!
  • Accommodation: A young person exited detention and had struggled to find a place to live. Next Step After Care assisted with the lease process. Now, he is safe and secure in his residence and taking the next step: looking for work.
  • Training Opportunities: A promising young man wanted to pursue his dream of being a sound technician. Next Step After Care arranged a training vocation for him at a local radio station. Wonderfully, it looks as though this may lead to work opportunities for him.

As these

stories demonstrate, Next Step is supporting young people with an out-of-home experience to create the opportunities they deserve and determine the life they want!


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