March 16 2017

Decorate Your Bedroom on a Budget

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You will spend 25 years of your life sleeping. I think then that it is a good investment to create a beautiful, happy and homey bedroom. This investment doesn’t have to cost you too much though!

My favorite place to find home wares and decorations is Kmart. Kmart’s prices mean that you can decorate more for less. Kmart usually stock items that are “on trend” right now.

Let start with your bed cover. Light “happy” colours create a peaceful feel to your room. If you like dark colours try to have a bit of contrast with your bed cover. The below prices are for a queen sized bed.

Bed cover 1 bed cover bed cover 2

$10.00                                         $20.00                                       $10.00

Kmart I have worked out is the best shop for cushions. Cushions are great (and cheap thanks to Kmart) for creating a lush and welcoming bed.

Cushion 1cushiopn 2cushion 3

$5.00                                   $12.00                                   $8.00

If you live in a share house with people you don’t really know it can be easy for your bed to turn into your top hang out spot. If you have the space, try and put a comfy chair or bean bag that you can sit on. On that chair you can sit and read, check out Facebook and Instagram, write emails This keeps your bed for sleeping and should help you sleep a bit better.
$49 from Kmart                                                 $35 from Kmart


Indoor plants look great and may help you feel less stressed. The plants below are all available at Kmart and are fake so you won’t have to remember to water them!   plant   plant 2 plant 4

$5.00                            $15.00                                   $15.00

Checkk out your local Bunnings for some real indoor plants. Indoor plants have been proven by NASA to help clean the air in a room.

Stay fresh people!




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